Pursuing Clients Remotely-Is it Reliable?

Meeting directly to clients is not longer possible for most of the sales person, collaboration with clients plays vital role in developing client’s need, so sale workers of this industry prefer working with their clients remotely, in this era when the competition is tough for every one physically existing office does not fit more in business budget. Few Tips for making remote working reliable In this article we discuss the reliability of this issue and also discuss the tips for making this relation better.

1. Build confidence from beginning:

The first thing in making remote working better is the trust of clients, that make developer confident, without trust however you spend countless time to project you didn’t take client in to confidence, so the developer have to build trust it is not difficult to build trust, first you have to arrange weekly meetings to update client on weekly basis, there are lot of way to build clients trust, let them involve in the development process from beginning, propose solution for their problems, giving them form to fill out, at the time of updating make sure that your work reflecting client’s need.

2. Scope of Work:

Scope of work is basically a planner, that what accurately you plan to do the project. For this cause you must clear that for what client will pay. When client approve scope then you are supposed to work on project, this will also benefit developers, when client ask for extra features you can simply show them that it was never component of scope they approved.

3. No. of Maximum Reviews:

Specify number of revisions in your scope, clearly include number of revision that you offer in proposal. Also include hourly rate for extra revisions that client will pay in case of addition of extra features

4. Payment Plans:

Payment plan will be set by both parties, half amount in start and half on completing is very common, there are multiple payment methods from which client will select i-e. paypal etc.

5. Deliverables:

You also have to prepare list of deliverables to avoid future mishaps, this list includes wireframe, documents, PSD, and all original source codes and files. By following these steps, you will effectively work with client remotely. This artcle will also help both clients and developers to avoid future mishaps.

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