Personalizing User Experience For Mobile Devices

For word user experience (UX) the first thing comes to mind is almost everything, user experience figures the overall effectiveness of a whole project.

Contrasting User Experience (UX)

This section covers the different kinds of user experiences, firstly we discuss desktop web app or web site, which covers analyzing and studying content, whole process based on user experience, but it depends on users they all have different reasons to go for a site, some of them prefer entertainment over analyzing and reading. As compare to desktop app, user experience(UX) for mobile is entirely different, users touch, and feel the device continuously so the size and design of these designing elements are quite important, physical appearance also effect the user experience of mobile design, developer have to take in to their consideration the size and design of mobile apps.

Some User Expectancies

Developers also have to consider that whom the users are and what they are expecting. Despite of desktop apps, users expect following features from the UI:

  1. Apps or websites of mobile devices must have to integrate with all necessary device features such as camera, date time etc.
  2. Loading factor of text, photos and videos should be very low.
  3. Options and content must be informative to give detailed information to user so they must know every navigations.
  4. Every possible section must be active.

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