Factors that Effects Mobile Strategy-Native, Hybrid & HTML 5

In current situation when world become social and open day by day, mobile devices applications and games plays an imperative role and have changed the focus of peoples from desktop to devices, portable apps are not longer choice but made their place in essentials. If you are developer you must know where to begin, there are many factors that affect development strategy in developing mobile app such as development skills, app functionality, security from malware attack etc. that factors must be taken in to developer’s consideration. 

This article is concerning mobile app developers specially those who are developing back end of apps, so there are three types of SDK that support building three types of apps i-e. Native, HTML 5, and hybrids 

1. Native apps are only limited to IOS and android apps, using the basic tools that support i-e. Objective c, eclipse etc. native apps gives more performance and efficiency. 

2. In HTML 5 apps, they used only standard languages i-e. JavaScript, CSS etc. this technology approach to mobile development create cross platform application that will perform on multiple devices, despite of these, developers can also create innovative apps that with this technology, while there is also some limitations in writing, and securing offline storage, and accessing native basic applications such as camera, GPS etc. 

3. In hybrid technology, this technology enable developers to embedded HTML 5 app in to native applications, hybrid applications are basically a combination of HTML 5 and javaScript that is wrap in native container which will enable access to native application features.

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