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With development of mobile devices, trends of people move towards mobile devices so the usage of desktop computers will become the vestige of antecedent. Now users feels more feasibility in using internet on their mobile devices, so developers now face more complication in designing websites that will meet both clients and user needs, this articles covers these problems and tactics that developers and designer must have to consider while developing sites. 

First point in developing creative site, developer must need to consider the time factor that website take to load on device, most of developers didn’t take this factor in to consideration, a rough survey take this matter to the consideration that 74% of users won’t wait longer for loading website, after approx 5 to 10 second they switch to other sites, and this will cause your site traffic to other sites. 

Next thing that user always seek for their interest, so developer must take this matter in to account that always put related things in to site for which it was made, make UI friendly as much as possible, knowing this strategy will lead developer toward height of professional. 

After this, eCommerce website is expectedly reach about 31 billion mark by 2017, so creating an online device payment portal is not bad idea, if you want to make your share in this figure you need to create user friendly websites that must be fully efficient and responsive.

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