Common Mistakes By Developers & Designers

While developing app or designing website there are some common mistakes which developers did every time. Professional designer and developers always use attractive design with effective code. Since building and designing an app and website is not a pretty simple task you find many developers learn languages but can’t figure that how to avoid these mishaps. While technically they can you will often find that there are some key mistakes they make because they don’t wish to take the time to actually learn about design. Programmers are designers and designers are also developers in their own right, but they design code and amazingly develop systems. To design something creative is entirely different and having good perception doesn’t mean you have enough mind to implement it. 

Since so many developers have their own projects that commonly means they have to build their own projects. If you are a freelance developer, one of the most important thing is that you can have full command on development process from beginning to end, and this includes design and development process. Professional developers have full command on their work. They know what will work and what won’t. There are many more parts of the design and development that make any app and design more creative. When you look for a design you like take the time to study the individual elements, but also acknowledge how they fit into the whole 

Similar to the way a programmer might study the code of another person, anyone can study a design and begin to gain an understanding of why it works.

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