Bugs Fixing Toxic To Reputation

Bugs or blemished features of app or UI not only give bad impact to users but lead them to forcibly think that the app or site has been malicious or infected with some kind of virus or malware. 

On survey it is to be noticed that users or customers are impatient and pitiless of this bugs and miscue features of sites or applications, wherever most of users or customers thinks that is to better stop using site or application, and this will cause marketer lack of competent over other marketers. 

These bugs can be more harmful to the user experiences an even they are more active. And they are more difficult to configure, if a server got down then it can be fixed easily but if a fraction of bug occurred an error, it will cause more difficulty to developers to handle it, although it can be happen unintentionally, at some degree it can be avoidable but some bugs are probably unavoidable.


Developers have to be aware from these bugs and must have enough tactics to handle these bugs, keep eyes on critical paths and check them on regular basis, 

Always try to minimize existence of infected or bugged section by upgrading baseline with the features that will meet device or browser’s configuration. 

Try to minimize errors that cause site server issues and 404 errors by giving user alternative that lead them to return on site or application.

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