Barriers When Developing Mobile App

With span of time, clients want to design their site device friendly and they also want to develop mobile versions of their sites; it is not just element of scrolling whole page but a new interactive feature of UI and UX, there are certain limitations of this features we can discuss it below. 

1. Mobile companies striving continuously to improve both hardware and software of their devices to compete with other devices but there are still some devices that have slow hardware and software as compared to desktop devices, so developers faces more difficulty, because of their slow effect and features. 

2. There is also a problem of accuracy in using mobile devices, people use their thumbs to select options and the link they need but unfortunately selecting option they didn’t need to select, so developers also faces more complexity, developers must make sure that the options are quite enough with each other that user will not easily select wrong function which they didn’t want to. 

3. In mobile device, a major lacking feature is slow and slacking keyboard writing, there will be more glitches in filling forms, due to lesser screen size and compactness, developers may also have to consider auto complete function and other approaches to minimize user input errors.

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