App design-UX and UI


Many designing agencies lost not just hours but lost couples of days densely in revising design documentation on the settlement of application development proposals. Theses designs are very imperative and it is the sacred backup from which our professionals take designs to life. 

In an organization domain as ours we are working with in limited time frame along with simultaneous projects we must ready to answer rapidly to any revision as it continues from all departments during development progress, customers, development project managers etc. these documents benefit us in keeping our business relation managed. 

In over all development process, even minor changes in UI and UX must be shown in our documentation so our designers always to be aware from last changes to be occurred. We have waste more of our time in updating these documentations. 

Each moment we spend in updating design documentation is a moment we waste, there are more tools developed for handling this issue, which takes our design and update design documents automatically, so we can spend more time on designing and less on updating revisions, by using these tools, revision updates automatically and these automated procedure make work easier for both clients and developers.

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